How should I care for my Scrappy Pets products?
High quality leather usually requires little to no cleaning.  A damp cloth (with no soap) and letting it air dry will usually do the trick.  Our products are made in many varieties of leather so we have created a cleaning guideline for your convenience.  See our Care and Cleaning Guidelines for more specific instructions on how to care for individual types of leather.
Can I custom order my very own unique Scrappy Pets item?
In a nutshell: Yes.  If you’re feeling creative, let us know and we can arrange to do custom colors.  Have a extra large dog?...we will work with you to get the fit just right!  Give us a call and we many other personalized features to make your very own unique Clay and Tonic items.  Contact us directly for a price quote and a shipping lead time.
How do I return my Scrappy Pets item for repair, exchange, or refund?
At Scrappy Pets, we pride ourselves in meticulously handcrafting each and every item we make.  In the event that an imperfection has “slipped through the cracks”, please click here for our Return Policy
How long will it take to receive my items?
Items typically ship within just a few days of receiving your order- but in sometimes a certain style or color may be backordered.  If this is the case- we will notify you of the delay and work diligently to get your item to you post haste!  We handcraft each Scrappy Pets item, and do not rely on a third party to make our products.  This assures the highest quality and the shortest lead times.  Please see our Shipping Information for more details.
Can I order Scrappy Pets items if I don’t live in the USA?
We are currently setup to ship to the Continental US and its territories, Mexico, and Canada directly from our shopping cart.  We love to hear from our customers outside of North America and will gladly ship anywhere in the world.  Email us at info@scrappypets.com for rates to your specific part of the world.
I own a store, and would love to carry Scrappy Pets!... Who shall I contact?
If you think our product line will fit beautifully in your boutique or store, we would love to hear from you.  Give us a call toll free at 866-923-8684 for more information.